Audio installations 

Car Audio Customs helps you upgrade your car audio and car video system even if you are just looking for a basic upgrade to your factory system, or a full-blown competition system. We enhance all aspects of your car’s entertainment system from audio systems including, stereo head units, CD players, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, to DVD players.

We have been servicing the Chicago area for over 10 years and we can help you with the right audio products at the best prices. Ask us about our custom car audio installations today.

  • AppleCar Play and Android Auto on most factory radios/stereos
  • Factory stereo updates on some vehicles
  • Stereo/radio
  • Amplifier 2/4/5/6/8 channels installation
  • Speakers coaxial/ components
  • Digital audio processors (DSP)
  • Custom fiberglass work

Video Entertainment

Car Audio Customs offers the best video systems for in-dash, overhead, and rear-seat entertainment. Get 4k and HD quality alongside your audio system for the best ride enjoyment for yourself and your passengers. Ask us about our custom video system installations today.

  • Factory video unlock 
  • Custom dropped down TVs /monitors
  • Custom Headrest TVs/monitor

Custom interior/exterior lighting

We offer Aftermarket lighting that will enhance the look and functionality of your ride with LED headlights, LED wheel lights, LED rock lights, or professional grade Heavy Duty LED light bars.  Improve nighttime visibility or impress the crowd with custom lighting. Ask us about our custom car lighting today.

  • Footwell lighting multicolored or fix color
  • Underbody LED kits multicolored or fix color

Car remote start/alarm/GPS units 

Car Audio Customs has high-end systems that allow you to remote start your car comfortably at a distance, it’s useful in the summer heat or the winter freeze. Our systems even offer security features allowing you to protect yourself as well as your vehicle and belongings. Ask us about our remote start and security systems today.

  • Remote starts
  • Alarm remote start
  • Remote start from a phone with GPS

Window tinting  

Window tint film treatments are a great addition to any vehicle windows to provide UV filtering from the sun and a comfortable reduction of sunray heat. This makes it’s easier on your air conditioning system in the summer, provides longevity to your interior fabrics and surfaces. Window tints also add a bit of style to your car and a bit more privacy when driving.

Whatever you are looking for, our window tinting services at Car Audio Customs in Chicago, IL is most certainly just what you are looking for. Ask us about our window treatment options today.


Car Audio Customs also focuses on automotive safety enhancements. Distracted driving can lead to serious accidents and injury. We can seamlessly upgrade your car to include backup cameras, blind-spot monitors, recording dash cameras, front and rear sensors, and more. These systems can help alert the driver of obstacles around the vehicle reducing the risk of accidents. Ask us about our car safety options today.

Ignition Interlock – Alcohol Detection Systems

Car Audio Customs provides quality, reliable and fast installations of Ignition Interlocks also known as car breathalyzer systems for your cars in the Chicago, IL Area. We have the most affordable pricing in the area. We use are authorized with quality brands such as Adsinterlock, Intoxalock, SmartStart, and LifeSafer, to install these safety devices. Whatever you are looking for, our Alcohol Detection Systems services at Car Audio Customs in Chicago, IL are most certainly just what you are looking for. Ask us about our Ignition Interlocks installations today.

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